Oh, hello. Thanks for visiting my site and this page. I'm Meghan, the person behind Grounded Ceramics. I thoughtfully create delicate porcelain jewelry and functional ceramics in my Oak Park, Illinois studio, just outside the city of Chicago. It's a small space that allows me to carefully craft small batches of unique, one of a kind pieces. I hand build or throw on the wheel each and every piece using porcelain or stoneware clay. 

The name grounded ceramics is relevant to numerous aspects of my clay practice. From the clay being sourced from the ground to the serene balance found at the center of the potters' wheel, feeling grounded remains central to my practice. I hope to translate these ideas into my pieces by providing an opportunity for pause while bringing a dose of beauty, peace and permanence into your life.

All of my pieces, including childrens' tableware, are intended to be used and loved. Almost all pieces are dishwasher-and microwave-safe (although hand-wash is recommended) and will hopefully last forever.